Violent thug blasted garda with Glock pistol

Garda Tony Golden
Garda Tony Golden

IRA scumbag Adrian Crevan Mackin shot hero garda Tony Golden with a high powered Glock pistol after he blasted his ex-girlfriend Siobhan Philips in the head.

Investigators discovered the 9mm Glock automatic beside the thugs body after he used it to take his own life.

Sources said that there was still a number of bullets in the magazine - which the violent IRA member would have used to shoot anyone else who came into the house.

Adrian Crevan Mackin

"This was a high-powered weapon and there were more unused rounds in the magazine - if other gardaí or the woman's father had entered the house it is likely they too would have been shot," a source revealed.

"The thinking is that he would have kept on shooting until he got everyone and then taken his own life."

It is believed that the gun came from a cache of weapons in the possession of the IRA, which has used Glock automatics for assassinations and shootings in the past.

Stock image of a Glock pistol 

Reports indicate that Gda Golden had been accompanying Ms Philips to collect some clothes and belongings at the house in the Mullach Alainn estate in the village before going to stay with her parents.

She had reported Crevan Mackin to gardai for domestic violence and it was believed that he was not in the house at the time.

Gda Golden instructed Ms Philips’ father to stay in the car while they went inside. Colleagues say that this decision probably saved the man's life.

Investigators believe that the woman was shot first, and then Garda Golden whose body was found on the stairway.

It is believed that he courageously moved to intervene when the shots were first fired, again a decision which likely saved the life of Siobhan.

Ms Philips remains in a critical condition in Beaumont Hospital in Dublin.