Vile rapist moved out of Mountjoy for his own safety

Keith Hearne
Keith Hearne

Violent rapist Keith Hearne was quickly moved from Mountjoy to the Midlands Prison on Monday over fears that he would be attacked by other inmates.

Hearne (28) was jailed for 12 years for the rape and false imprisonment of Dominique Meehan (24) at a gaming convention in a west Dublin Hotel in 2015.

The Tallaght man locked the door of a conference room in the hotel where he had cornered his victim, bound her hands with his tie and raped her.

When she screamed, he told her he had a knife in his bag and would use it if she wasn't quiet.

Dominique Meehan 

His bag, containing a "rape kit" of a prop knife, handcuffs, condoms, a mask and "sado-masochistic" items, was later found at the scene, the Central Criminal Court heard.

Ms Meehan, who waived her right to anonymity after Hearne was convicted, was only saved when another person forced their way into the room at the Crowne Plaza in Blanchardstown when they heard the disturbance inside.

She has since said she feared Hearne would kill her.

Hearne, now known as Prisoner 107512, pleaded guilty to two counts of rape, one count of oral rape and one count of falsely imprisoning the gaming enthusiast.

After sentencing, Hearne was brought to Mountjoy Prison to be processed into the jail system.

It is usual for prisoners to spend their first night in the Dublin jail, but in Hearne's case he was transferred straight to the Midlands.

"He was a high probability target for an attack by another prisoner or prisoners so it was best to move him," a source told the Irish Independent.

"The Midlands is more geared to sex offenders, as is Arbour Hill, so it is less problematic to imprison them there, and they would be under less risk of violence."