VIDEO: Young Irish child downs Guinness on camera

VIDEO: Young Irish child downs Guinness on camera

A shocking piece of footage has appeared online which shows a very young Irish boy chugging down a Guinness.

The clip, which appeared on LiveLeak, shows the lad, who is wearing a gold chain with a set of boxing gloves dangling from the bottom of it and a Captain America hat, guzzling a pint on camera.

“I’m drinking this Guinness all in one go, lovely Guinness, yeah,” the  boy declares before he starts to down the alcoholic beverage.

The footage which appears exclusively on The Sunday World has been blurred to protect the child's identity.

The uncensored version shows the look of pure disgust on his face after he pulls the pint from his lips.

“Lovely Guinness boys, number one,” he then slurs, as he gives a rather sickly thumbs up to the camera.

The identity of the child and where the footage was filmed is at yet unknown.