Video: Woman abandoned at birth makes plea to find Irish parents

Elizabeth Rylands
Elizabeth Rylands

A woman abandoned in Manchester as a baby in 1958 has made a powerful plea to find her Irish birth parents

Elizabeth Rylands spoke to Irish TV’s ‘Out & About in Manchester’ programme about how much it would mean to meet her birth mother, and father, after so many years.

At five days old Elizabeth was left on Grafton Street in Manchester on March 28, 1958.

Now she wants to find her family, something that would mean the world to her.

“It would be unbelievable, it’s something I can’t even allow myself to think about if I’m honest," she said. "It would be so amazing for that to happen given the length of time that has passed. There’s also a birth father out there somewhere, it would be great to meet him too.
“Given my background perhaps it is no surprise that I am a private person, preferring to be a listening ear to friends rather than share my own experiences.  It was, therefore, a massive step for me to go public about my own life.  I have found my journey an emotional roller coaster but already over a three-month period we are piecing together a story.” 
She added: “It was amazing to get my DNA result and find out that I am full Irish.

"If my birth family have come across my campaign please please get in touch.  It will mean the world to me to know 'who I am'.  I will fully respect your privacy.  Who knows, it would then have been worthwhile baring my soul nationally”.

‘Out & About in Manchester’ airs every Tuesday at 8:30pm on Irish TV.