Video: Victim of brutal Dublin beating wants a rematch

Arthur McGinley calls for a rematch
Arthur McGinley calls for a rematch

The man who was seen taking a brutal beating on a Dublin street yesterday has now posted his own video challenging his attacker to a rematch.

Arthur McGinley was seen on the receiving end of some sickening blows in a graphic video posted online yesterday.

The attack happened on Wednesday and McGinley was hospitalised in Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown after the brutal attack.

However, yesterday he was discharged from hospital and he wasted no time in calling out his attacker for a rematch in another online video in which he alleges he was beaten up by 10 members of one family.

However, shortly after the video appeared the man named as his attacker by McGinley, Peter Joyce, also shot back with a video of his own.

WARNING: Graphic Language