Video: Terrifying scenes as plane makes emergency landing in Turkey

The dramatic landing at Ataturk Airport
The dramatic landing at Ataturk Airport

Passengers on Turkish Airlines flight endured a terrifying experience when their plane had to make an emergency landing in Istanbul.

The plane, which was travelling from Milan to Istanbul, made two attempts to land before finally landing in such a way at Ataturk Airport that sparks and smoke were left in its wake.

Initial reports suggest that an engine caught fire in mid flight but it now appears that the engine caught fire after being damaged during the first, aborted landing.

The plane was carrying 97 passengers and all were uninjured and the plane was driven off the runway.

A spokesperson told Reuters: "Turkish Airlines' TK 1878 flight from Milan to Istanbul skipped Ataturk Airport during its first landing. It drove off the runway after declaring an emergency landing. All 97 passengers have been taken to the terminal with no health problems. The reason for the incident will be clear after the investigation."