Video showing motorist doing doughnuts in front of gardai goes viral

Doughnuts: The video has been shared thousands of times
Doughnuts: The video has been shared thousands of times

A video which has gone viral on social media in recent days shows a man doing doughnuts in the middle of the main street of a small Irish town.

The video was posted to Facebook last week and has since been viewed nearly half a million times. 

In it two men in a car are seen drifting a number of times as gardai and onlookers watch on. It is unknown where the video was filmed but comments under it suggest the incident was in memoriam. 

It is believed that the cars were a guard of honour for a 27-year-old who died in a motorbike accident in September. 

The road was closed off by gardai before friends of the dead man took his AE-86 Twincam out for a smoky send-off. 

"Was brilliant bout 30 cars 20 bikes doing donuts and burn outs from his house to the chapel which was for bout a mile long", one commenter wrote. 

"It was absolutely beautiful to see all the bikes n cars lead him off... n those garda were so respectful when everything passed", a comment read. 

"Well done to.all of you he definitely wudve {sic} have loved to be in the middle of it."