Video: Shocking footage of carnage and terror outside Paris concert

People hang onto balconies as they hide from gunmen (Image via LeMonde)
People hang onto balconies as they hide from gunmen (Image via LeMonde)

Horrific new video has emerged of the sheer horror that happened outside the Bataclan theatre in Paris last night.

The footage, shot by Le Monde journalist Daniel Psenny from his flat and posted on the LeMonde Daily Motion channel, shows people hanging from balconies as they try to hide from the gunmen as others drag away the bodies of those that are either dead or seriously injured.

Other victims can be seen lying on the ground near the door, while we see at least two waves of people making their escape out the doors down a sidestreet from the theatre.

Shots or blasts can also be heard coming from the theatre as people run for their lives while others shout 'what is happening?'

In harrowing scenes, members of the public can also be seen dragging away the bodies of the dead or injured.

Psenny himself was wounded shortly after this video was taken, shot in the arm through his window.

It is believed he is in hospital waiting to be operated on this morning.

Eyewitness reports from the venue spoke of '10 horrific minutes' as the gunmen opened fire on the crowd.

It is now believed that over 80 people died in the attack on the concert venue, where the Eagles of Death Metal were playing a show.

Up to 128 people are now feared dead from the series of attacks across the French capital.