Video: Shocking footage of moment gunmen open fire at Dublin hotel

People flee for their lives
People flee for their lives

VIDEO footage has emerged of the terrifying moment gunmen burst in on a boxing weigh-in at a Dublin hotel.

Terrified screams can be heard as the chaos unfolds in the function room.

Dozens of people run for cover as loud shots can be heard.

A scared young child can be heard saying: ''Daddy help me, what was that?"

A man has died and another two are seriously injured after three men dressed as members of the Garda ERU burst into a Dublin hotel armed with what is believed to be AK47s.


A murder investigation is now underway following the shocking incident which unfolded in a well known Dublin hotel The Regency, Drumcondra in the north of Dublin city, at approximately 2pm this afternoon.

Dozens of young children, women and men dived for cover after two men burst into a hotel lobby firing shots at will.

Outside the hotel, a third gunman was seen roaming the area firing another shot while he warned an innocent man - who happened to be walking nearby carrying shopping - to "get out of the f****** way".

One witness told the gunmen had 'GARDA ERU' in yellow letters on the back of bullet proof vests.

Their faces were completely covered but they spoke with "strong Dublin accents".