Video: Shocking footage as woman 'smokes heroin' in Dublin city centre

A still from the shocking video (Pic:
A still from the shocking video (Pic:

Shocking footage shows a woman appearing to smoke heroin in broad daylight in one of the capital's busiest tourist areas.

The short clip was captured at 9.30 on Sunday morning by an journalist.

The footage shows the woman - aided by a man in green - smoking what appears to be heroin in full view of passersby in the Temple Bar area of Dublin.

The popular tourist spot was busy with people, including families with young children, who were out early to take advantage of the sunny weather.

The woman apologised to the reporter before smoking, saying: "Sorry but I have to do this."

Speaking to, councillor Nial Ring said using drugs in public places was "unacceptable".

"This sort of thing is intimidating for locals and tourists alike," he said.

"It's horrendous. There's a major drug problem in the city. We don't want to see this behaviour on our streets but it's happening all the time."

"I feel sorry for anyone who is addicted to drugs, I really do, but something needs to be done."

He added: "We don't even have a Minister for Drugs yet. The Government wasted so much time arguing about the cost of a glass of water instead of focusing their energy on the things that matter, such as health and education services."