Video: Rose of Tralee protester dragged from stage in shock unseen footage

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New footage has emerged of several men dragging a Fathers 4 Justice protester from the stage at The Rose of Tralee on Monday night.

The video shows Fathers 4 Justice member, Matt O'Connor, being tackled to the ground after storming the stage.

O'Connor, who took to the stage while the Cavan Rose Lisa Reilly was being interviewed was first tackled by two men, before a third man helped drag him offstage.

Live television audiences didn't see the incident, as RTÉ immediately cut to a promo.

Shocked audience members can be heard saying 'is this really happening?'

Speaking about the protest, Ms Reilly said: "I was all in a heap last night. It wasn't expected.

"I am quite a nervous person - I was quite worked up before I even got on the stage so it couldn't have happened to a worse rose."

However, O'Connor said he did not regret the protest when speaking to Newstalk.

"I think it will be judged to be an effective protest, I think people are talking about the issue.

"I disagree with your summation that there is a lot of negative feedback," he said.