VIDEO: PSNI appeal for info after car passenger shoves cyclist off bike

The shocking video was uploaded to Facebook
The shocking video was uploaded to Facebook

The PSNI have appealed for information after a video appearing to show a cyclist being shoved off his bike by the passenger of a moving car appeared on social media this week.

It was unclear where the footage had been shot initially, but a Derry cyclist has since come forward and said that he is convinced that he's the man in the the clip.

The footage appeared on Facebook with the caption "This is the new challenge boys".

It was viewed almost one million times but has since been removed by Facebook after complaints were made.

The footage shows a man in a blue striped tee shirt leaning out the window of a car as it approaches a cyclist wearing a hi-vis jacket.

At speed, the man in the car shoves the cyclist from his bike and into the ditch.

A PSNI spokeswoman said: "On Monday afternoon PSNI received a report of an incident similar to that depicted in the video.

"The reporting person states that on Friday 24th at about 12.30pm he was pushed from his bicycle by a passenger in a passing car on the Ballyarnett Road in Derry.

"The car is believed to have driven on towards Muff, Co Donegal."

  Chair of Stormont's All Party Group on Cycling, Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle, said: "Everyone should be under no illusion this assault is sheer recklessness that could lead to loss of life and custodial sentences, ruining the lives of many people involved in it.

"The PSNI and Gardai must do everything in their power to ensure cyclists and all road users are safe on our roads. This is a despicable development that will be condemned by all rational people in our community."

Both Garda and the PSNI are investigating the footage and have asked anyone with information to contact them.