Video: Passenger runs across tarmac to try and catch Ryanair plane

A still from the video
A still from the video

This is the incredible moment a Ryanair passenger appeared to jump security at a Spanish airport and made a dash to catch a plane across the airside tarmac.

The video of the incident at Madrid airport has been posted on social media attracting hundreds of thousands of views and reaction.

In the post it is suggested that the passenger was late for his flight at the international airport before taking matters into his own hands.

It shows the man, in t-shirt and shorts consider the drop from the sky bridge before making the 10ft jump on to the apron.

He then appears to wave to the aeroplane in an attempt to attract the pilot's attention.

The holidaymaker then attempts to get into a waiting airport vehicle before making a dash toward a Ryanair plane.

The man is eventually stopped by two workers.

Those reacting to the post said they were amazed the man was able to get past the airport security.

A Ryanair spokesman said: "Since this video relates to a security breach at Madrid Airport, it’s a matter for Madrid Airport Police."