Video - Mourining brother of tragic MMA fighter speaks out

Alex Silvestre speaks in the first interview since his brother Joao Carvalho's death (PHOTO: RTE Primetime)
Alex Silvestre speaks in the first interview since his brother Joao Carvalho's death (PHOTO: RTE Primetime)

The heartbroken brother of tragic MMA fighter Joao Carvalho has spoken of his pain after the tragic end to his bout with Charlie Ward at the National Stadium in Dublin earlier this month.

MMA was rocked by the death of Carvalho after he collapsed following his defeat against Ward, with his brother Alex Silvestre speaking out in an interview with RTE’s Prime Time.

“I was very worried about my brother when my referee stopped the fight,” he stated. “I see my brother on the floor and I know something is very wrong.

“I saw my brother coming outside the cage and I text him a few minutes after the fight. I still keep this message with me. I want to know if everything is alright with him.

“Always a few minutes after (a fight) he texts to say everything is alright, but not this time. I am still waiting for this text.

“When I see my brother on his bed (in the hospital) I know its very serious.

“On Monday when the doctor come to speak with us about doing some final test for my brother, I’m scared because I start to think I have lost my boy.

"A first test was carried out but he’s still the same. No reaction or nothing, you know.

"Before a second test was carried out, I was told 'if he not react, am so sorry, there is nothing more I can do for your brother'.

“I know the second test just confirms that which everyone knows now. At this moment I know and realise my brother is not with me anymore.”

Silvestre was critical of the treatment he has received in the two weeks since the passing of his beloved brother, as he revealed he has not been allowed to take his body back to his native Portugal.

“I don’t know what’s happened. No one gives us answers. It’s nine days,” he added. 

“It’s too much. I want to go home and take my brother with me, to give rest to him and everyone

“My brother comes from a different country. He’s here in Ireland – no one cares about anything.

“No one comes to us to ask what’s happened. No one comes to us to give any explanation to say ‘you’ll stay here with your brother for one or two weeks more’. I don’t know why.”

Irish MMA star Conor McGregor was in attendance at the tragic fight, with his apparent shock retirement announcement on Monday evening coming amid rumours that he was left shell-shocked by the tragedy that took place in his hometown.