Video: Man takes second s**t in one week outside Dublin shop

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A man has seemingly chosen a spot in north Dublin to use as his toilet after being captured during the depraved act by a local shopkeeper.

The 'phantom s*****r' has done his business on a Finglas street twice in recent weeks, with the second disgusting display being caught on camera.

Owner of the Clever Buys store, Alan Buckley, almost threw up on discovering the dump on September 15.

"I was opening up at half-six and I seen a load of it and toilet roll. I said to myself, 'There’s no one who wipes their dog's arse with toilet roll'," he told the Irish Sun.

"So I went through my cameras and seen it. Horrible!"

Six days later, another log had appeared by time Mr Buckley arrived to work.

"It's the same car [in the video] so I'm assuming it's the same person.

"This one was right on the middle of the footpath.

"He didn't even wipe himself, last Thursday he wiped himself and left the toilet paper there.

"I wouldn't mind but we're the cheapest around for toilet roll. We do forty rolls of toilet paper for a tenner. We're famous for toilet rolls.

"The same spot, same time. He seems to like this path for some reason."

"There’s no excuse for it," the businessman added. 

"There are places everywhere that he could've went. Into a park, into a bush but not a public street where people walk by.

"There's cars going by, there are people walking to work and he doesn't care. He doesn't hide the fact that he's doing it.

"He actually nearly got caught last Thursday.

"He just finished the job and the bread man and milkman arrived. So he knows from last week that there's people pulling up. He's not shy."

He also told "The first one was just horrible, the smell and all.

"You'd swear a horse did it. If I hadn't seen him do it on CCTV, I wouldn't have believed it."

"The last time nobody cleaned it up, nobody had the stomach to go near it," Alan further told the Sun.

"The shop beside us covered it with cardboard until the corporation came the next day.

"There was hot water and bleach poured over it on Wednesday."

Alan has a simple message for the public defecator: "Go somewhere else and fly-tip, don't fly-tip here.

"Go sh*t on your own doorstep."

Though the shop owner was still able to have a laugh at the entire situation: