VIDEO: Luas operator releases scary footage of near-misses with cyclists

A still from the shocking video
A still from the shocking video

Luas operator Transdev has released video footage of a number of near-misses with cyclists to highlight what they say is "irresponsible cyclist behaviour".

The compilation video, released this morning, shows a number of incidents where trams collided, or almost collided, with cyclists on Dublin's streets.

None of the cyclists featured in the clip were seriously injured according to Transdev and they say the footage was released in a bid to "educate cyclists about how to stay safe around Luas trams".

The statement goes on to say: "This video shows some of the irresponsible cyclist behaviour that Luas drivers see on a daily basis and which puts both cyclists and Luas passengers in danger. Our aim is to educate cyclists about how to cycle safely around Luas. We are asking all Dublin cyclists to #BeTramAware and check out how to Cycle Safely Around Luas at