VIDEO: Garda “pepper sprays homeless man”

VIDEO: Garda “pepper sprays homeless man”

Footage which purports to show a garda “pepper spraying” a handcuffed homeless man has prompted campaigners, including Fr Peter McVerry, to call for an investigation.

The footage, which has been viewed over 400,000 times, appears to show a garda placing his foot on a homeless man’s knees and possibly pepper spraying him, although the latter has yet to be confirmed.

DIT student Philip Campion, who posted the footage online wrote:

“This happened on my way home from college yesterday its absolutely outrageous behaviour by a Garda on Henry Street Dublin.

“A poor homeless man was treated like an animal, when a Garda tried to arrest him he pushed him against the floor and pepper sprayed him right in the eyes when the poor man was clearly not making any sort of an attack or movement towards the Garda.

“He then stood there with his leg on the man as if the man was going to run somewhere.”

A Garda spokesperson would not comment on the video as “its contents had yet to be verified”.