Video - Fighting breaks out on the streets of Manchester

Fighting in Manchester city centre this afternoon
Fighting in Manchester city centre this afternoon

Fighting has broken out in Manchester ahead of a big night of Champions League football involving the city’s two big clubs.

Manchester United are playing CSKA in Moscow and their neighbours City are entertaining Spanish side Sevilla at their Etihad Stadium home, with footage appearing on Twitter showing fighting between rival gangs.

The Manchester Evening News are reporting that police have stepped in to break up the fights that saw seats from open air bars being thrown by two sides in the battle.

“Five people have been arrested following a fight outside Sinclair's Oyster bar in Exchange Square involving Sevilla fans ahead of the Spanish club's Champions League match with Manchester City at the Etihad tonight,” report the local Manchester newspaper.

“Police were called at around 1.30pm following reports of trouble between football fans.”

Other reports have suggested that Polish trouble makers were to blame for the fighting, which was caught on mobile phones by shocked onlookers.

The images are a reminder of football’s dark past, when scenes of this nature were common place among English supporters both on home soil and when their travelled abroad to watch their teams in action.

Yet the initial reports on this incident suggests that English supporters are not to blame for today's events.