Video: Fat Freddie Thompson's arrest caught on camera

Freddie Thompson
Freddie Thompson

THIS WAS the dramatic moment Fat Freddie Thompson was arrested in the most explosive week in gangland history.

The Sunday World reported last week from the frontline of the underworld war and this week we report a number of shocking revelations in the Kinahan-Hutch feud.

We reveal:

How Eddie Hutch senior was murdered in a plot to draw his brother Gerry Hutch into the sights of a hit team waiting at a city hospital

How cartel chief Daniel Kinahan left the country for a summit with the Dapper Don himself

How council chiefs are preparing safe houses for the women and children of families caught up in the feud

We also have more incredible images of the Eddie Hutch death squad making its getaway and the lockdown of Dublin's inner city.

The only place for the full story on the gangland war is today's Sunday World.