Video - England fans caught up in more Euro 2016 violence in Lyon

England and French fans clashed in Lyon (Image via @jeromegenty/Twitter)
England and French fans clashed in Lyon (Image via @jeromegenty/Twitter)

Troubled has flared yet again at Euro 2016, but this time it appears that England fans were the victims of an attack by French ‘ultras’ in Lyon.

Twitter user @jeromegenty captured the moment as local football thugs appears to launch an aggressive assault on their visitors, with one victim cornered and repeatedly punched and kicked as he was detached from his fellow England fans.

While England fans were criticised for their behaviour in Marseille and Lille in the opening week of Euro 2016, reports have also emerged suggesting Russian and local hooligans took a large share of the blame for the violence that erupted on French streets.

Now these latest images appear to be another example of English fans being set upon, with the video showing disturbing scenes that were eventually broken up by French police.

This was the scene moments later as French police arrived to bring calm to the situation:

England have been warned by UEFA that they could be thrown out of Euro 2016 if their fans are found to be guilty of hooliganism during the rest of the tournament, yet the European football chiefs appear to be more concerned by violence occurring inside stadiums rather than on the streets of the host cities.

Croatia and Russia fans have been guilty of instigating violent scenes inside Euro 2016 stadiums, with UEFA chiefs vowing to come down hard on both nations if there is any repeat in upcoming matches.