Video: Donald Trump disgracefully mocks disabled reporter during election rally

A screen grab from the video (Via CNN)
A screen grab from the video (Via CNN)

Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has openly mocked a disabled reporter during a speech in South Carolina.

Trump was speaking about Serge Kovaleski, a reporter at the New York Times who has arthrogryposis, a condition that affects the movement of the joints.

Trump has been claiming that thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the terrorist attacks on the World Tade Centre in 2001 and he cited a report written by Kovaleski at that time when he was working for the Washington Post.

Kovaleski's report said that police had detained a number of people who were seen allegedly celebrating the attacks and he went on CNN this week to say that nobody spoke of thousands, or even hundreds, as far as he could remember.

Trump then used an election speech last night to tear into the reporter in an extremely personal way. 

In response, Kovaleski said: “The sad part about it is, it didn’t in the slightest bit jar or surprise me that Donald Trump would do something this low-rent, given his track record."

Despite his many outrageous statements, Trump still leads the polls to be the Republican candidate for next year's election. The official declaration of the candidate to run won't be made until the summer.