Video: Conor McGregor gets emotional after passing of young Irish fan

McGregor during the interview
McGregor during the interview

Conor McGregor has revealed a softer side as he gets very emotional in an interview when asked about the death of a young fan from Tyrone.

Appearing on Off The Record McGregor is asked about the passing of Brendan McGlone, who died from leukaemia earlier this week.

The 14-year-old was a big sports fan and he and McGregor had spoken on the phone in the last month.

“Conor was a great inspiration and said all the greats have faced a great battle in their life and that’s what I’m doing now," Brendan said about the call.

“He has offered to come meet me when he’s back in Ireland with his belt. I haven’t been to school since I have been diagnosed but I still keep in touch with my friends.”

McGregor had even offered to fly Brendan over to Las Vegas to watch him fight in UFC 189 this weekend.

Sadly Brendan lost his battle on Monday and his death clearly affected McGregor when he was asked about it.