Video: Burglar enjoys a few pints while robbing bar in Carlow

The tipsy thief sits at the bar
The tipsy thief sits at the bar

A colourful Carlow publican said he is having “great aul craic” after CCTV footage of a burglar breaking in and stealing a number of items before sitting down and having a few pints and some crisps went viral.

The booze-loving burglar broke into Matty’s Pub in Royal Oak, near Bagenalstown, at 2.40am on Saturday, August 27. 

Video footage shows him taking a number of items before helping himself to two pints, followed by a number of half-pints, over a 90-minute period. 

Proprietor Matt Byrne uploaded the video to Facebook in the hope of catching the culprit. The video has been seen by tens of thousands of people and ended up on the front page of the Carlow Nationalist newspaper this week. 

Matt told the Sunday World: “It was great old craic. We’re having mighty fun with it.

He said he got a lot of attention after his interview appeared in the local paper, but he regrets nothing. 

“It went out of hand in the Nationalist, but I don’t give two f**ks what I said. I don’t give a s**t,” he laughed. 

In his original interview he told how the burglar was getting visibly inebriated during the robbery. 

“You can see him getting drunker. He was an awful clown altogether.”

He took a 50-inch TV, five crates of Bulmers, brandy, whiskey, a picture, a charity box containing €100 for the BEAM Centre and a greyhound trophy.

“The one thing that really annoyed me was that there was €100 in a box for charity and he took that. I hope he dies a scum death, the bastard – you can print that if you want,” said Matt.

The raider got in by smashing through a back window. The alarm had been deactivated for four days due to work being carried out in the pub.

“He came in and had a great old walk around. He pulled pints and ate crisps. He drank what he could. Sure, he’s an eejit.”

He went on to say he hoped the burglar “gets run over by a bus”. 

Matt said he was contacted by someone from RTE’s Liveline to talk about the incident, but he is not a fan of Joe Duffy so declined. 

He later admitted there was more than an element of hyperbole in some of his comments. 

“I don’t really hope the man gets run over a bus. I did not think they [the Nationalist] would take it word for word. But I do hope he gets caught and gets jailed for his thieving,” he said. 

Gardaí are currently investigating.