Video: Al Porter speaks powerfully about taking anti-depressants

Al Porter on Cutting Edge tonight
Al Porter on Cutting Edge tonight

Comedian Al Porter has spoken powerfully tonight about how he takes anti-depressants and the stigma he feels is attached to it.

The Dublin funnyman was on Brendan O'Connor's Cutting Edge show on RTE 1 tonight when he revealed something to the nation that he admitted he had only told his mother 'a few hours before'.

Porter reveals that he went to a doctor in Carlow so that no-one in Dublin would know and he even had others pick up his prescription because of the stigma he feels is attached to anti-depressants, which he says he needs to keep him 'balanced'.

The message is all the more powerful because, as Porter mentions, if he, who is very open about a lot of aspects of his life, felt this way, how must more reticent people feel about taking anti-depressants.

Here's hoping it sparks a more open discussion about depression and how it is treated in Ireland.

Looking at Twitter, there is a flood of support for the Dubliner.

Fair play Al, you are a national treasure.