Video: Acting OCI President Willie O'Brien darts away from media in Dublin Airport

Willie O'Brien in Dublin Airport today (Pic:
Willie O'Brien in Dublin Airport today (Pic:

This is the moment temporary President of the Olympic Council of Ireland, Willie O'Brien, quickly left Dublin Airport as the Irish Olympians returned home today.

Mr O'Brien was there to welcome home the 45 members of the Irish Olympic team as they returned from the Olympics in Rio.

Mr O'Brien congratulated the athletes and shook their hands, before hastily departing the airport and avoiding the waiting media who desired to question him.

In this exclusive video, Mr O'Brien can be seen rushing past members of the public on the airport escalator as he makes a quick exit ahead of the waiting media.

Mr O'Brien was one of the six OCI officials whom police secured warrants to seize their passports following interviews with OCI President Pat Hickey.