'Very mild' and mostly dry Bank Holiday weekend say Met Eireann

Should be a great Autumn weekend to get out and about
Should be a great Autumn weekend to get out and about

According to the folks at Met Eireann the final Bank Holiday weekend of the year before Christmas looks set to be well above average.

Whether you are planning to go trick or treating or you are running the Dublin City Marathon, it should be a very good weekend for it, according to the forecasters.

Today is a cloudy, but very mild day, with temperatures in the 12-15 degree range across the country and tonight it will only dip to nine or 10 degrees.

Tomorrow will be almost identical, with some sunny spells but a mostly cloudy day for all, with temperatures again in the mid to low teens. And, apart from some sporadic drizzle, it will be dry for everyone too.

Sunday is marathon day and all the runners and their supporters will be glad to hear it will be dry in the east of the country, with conditions described as 'very mild'.

However the west of the country will see some rain, possibly heavy in places.

Bank Holiday Monday will be a good one for all the trick or treaters as it too will be mild and dry for virtually the whole country.

Temperatures will hit 15 degrees so chose your costume carefully!