Venus and Jupiter align for amazing spectacle tomorrow morning

Amazing: Venus and Jupiter 'meeting' in the sky (Image courtesy of Bruce McMcCurdy @BruceMcCurdy)
Amazing: Venus and Jupiter 'meeting' in the sky (Image courtesy of Bruce McMcCurdy @BruceMcCurdy)

Planets Venus and Jupiter will almost align in the sky later tonight and be visible to the naked eye until the morning in an event which will not been witnessed for another six years.

The two brightest objects seen in the sky over the past two days have been the two planets. 

Venus resembles a bright star to the naked eye, but it is 100 times brighter than the brightest stars in the sky. Jupiter is ten times brighter than the brightest star. 

Astronomy Ireland editor David Moore said the two bright planets will be visible in the morning skies from about 4am until between 8am and 7am tomorrow and Tuesday. 

“Already people have been calling and emailing Astronomy Ireland to ask what are the extremely bright pair of ‘stars’ in the morning sky as this rare ‘conjunction’ has not been widely reported in the media. 

“It is a rare spectacle of nature and everyone should take a look over the next few mornings especially.

The planets are, of course, not close to each other in space but are simply aligning with our line of sight.

Venus, a planet which is more than 108 million kilometres from earth, is similar in structure and size to Earth. However, due to its proximity to the Sun and its thick atmosphere, its surface temperature is hot enough that it can melt metal. 

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, a massive gaseous giant visible to us here on earth due to its large mass. 

The next time the planets will come together will be in January, 2021. 

An array of awe-inspiring images of the phenomenon have been posted to social media in recent days.

Image courtesy of Republic of Astronomy Facebook