Used needles and excrement: Ó'Ríordáin goes on walkabout in Dublin

O'Riordan tweeted this image during his walkabout in Dublin today
O'Riordan tweeted this image during his walkabout in Dublin today

Minister Aodhán Ó Ríordáin has reiterated his call for injecting centres for heroin users following a walkabout in Dublin city.

The drugs minster tweeted images of used needles left at some of the capital's drug-taking hot spots. 

He posted the images to his twitter account to bolster his calls for safe and secure places for addicts to go to inject heroin. 

"We need an Injecting Centre. Human blood and excrement and also syringes openly visible on our streets," he tweeted.

"I think anybody who viewed these pictures would realise that if these people had somewhere to go to inject in a medically-supervised centre, it would be safer for the individuals and they would be less likely to leave paraphernalia behind them," Mr O'Riordan said.

Recently, the Labour TD said he wants to introduce supervised heroin injecting rooms in a radical overhaul of Ireland's approach to substance abuse. 

He added that the government was planning for the legislation to allow such rooms to be enacted by the first quarter of next year.

"It will effectively mean a diplomatic immunity to inject heroin in a safe, secure, passionate environment," he said.

"It will limit the dangers of contracting HIV and Hepatitis C and also takes away the street injecting phenomenon."

The move is part of a radical "culture shift" aimed at realigning how we treat substance abusers.