Uproar as election candidate says gays are "40 times more likely to abuse children"

Susan-Anne White hit the headlines this week when her "biblically correct" manifesto went viral.
Susan-Anne White hit the headlines this week when her "biblically correct" manifesto went viral.

The Independent candidate who said she would jail gay people has caused uproar at a debate by claiming that "homosexuals are 40 times more likely to abuse children".

Susan-Anne White, who is standing as a MP in West Tyrone, hit the headlines this week when her "biblically correct" manifesto went viral.

Standing on an ultra-religious platform that also includes closing abortion clinics, ending sex education, outlaw rock music, and reinstating corporal punishment in schools, the devout Christian believes her campaign is combating the "dangerous" homosexual agenda.

Now the 'moral' crusader has sparked fresh controversy as she lent her support to comments by former DUP Health Minister Jim Wells, who last week linked child abuse with homosexual parents. 

Mr Wells has since apologised for the comments and resigned, but Mrs Wells was unapologetic in her views.

“In the main what Jim Wells said was correct and I can prove it…. Studies show that homosexuals are 40 times more likely to abuse children than the general populous," she said when asked about the recent Northern Assembly vote rejecting same sex marriage.

"Gay marriage is a contradiction in terms - it is not normal or natural. I am glad that yesterday the homosexual lobby was defeated. I hope they will continue to be defeated in Northern Ireland."

Heckled by the audience, Mr Wells countered that no one present was "interested in the truth".

"Are you interested in the truth? Is anyone? There’s more evidence. Why can’t you handled the truth?!"

Challenged on her assertion that homosexuals were more likely to abuse children, Ms Wells was asked if she had ever "goggled heterosexual abuse".

“That is not the question… please stay on topic," she insisted before adding: "Of course heterosexuals can abuse children but that is because the heart of man is depraved."

Susan Anne White on:

Homosexuality: "If I had the power, I would certainly re-criminalise homosexuality, along with adultery"

Rock music: "There is an ideology which permeates rock music and it is sexual anarchy. It is also linked to drugs."

Feminists: "They are responsible for the economy - they destroyed the whole concept of a family wage with the father as the bread-winner and the stay-at-home mother."

Europe: "I would withdraw tomorrow."

Her views: "It just takes one person to articulate what others are thinking."

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