Uniform obsessed Carla4Garda says Ireland needs to “lighten up”


Cork based porn star Carla4Garda, who is at the centre of a Defence Forces and gardai sex scandal, says “Ireland needs to lighten up”.

This weekend it was revealed that Carla had engaged in a devil's threesome with two members of the Defence Forces and had also engaged in sexual acts with a serving garda.

Reports indicate that the gardai have seized a patrol car and that a major investigation has been launched into the incident. 

The two members of the Defence Forces who were caught on camera with Carla have allegedly been identified as being part of the Air Corps and an investigation is expected to be launched today.

No comment from army top brass on video of 'Swinger' in Garda and Army romp who says she loves a man in uniform, full story here.

Speaking to the Irish Daily Star, Carla said that “everyone deserves a break and they can do what they like on their break.

The 35-year-old mum of one admitted that she hadn’t consulted the two Air Corps personal, or the garda who featured in her steamy clips, before posting them online.

“I didn’t run it past them, no. No, they went crazy at me,” she said.

“These guys filmed it. They had their jollies showing it off around the barracks.

“I want to get my kicks too,” she said.

“We are consenting adults. They filmed it, and when I asked them to send it to me, they did.”

On her online profile Carla claims that “there's just something incredibly sexy about being f****ed by a man of the law” and how "they know what I want and they give it me”.

In one clip Carla, who claims “I actually get fanny flutters every time I see a Garda car”, can be seen staring into the camera, while wearing what appears to be a garda jacket as she performs oral sex on a man. 

“I love a good check point and getting pulled over for traffic violations ... this is not a fake profile..I am really serious,” she wrote online.

Carla admitted to reporters that the men featured in these clips have requested that she take them down.

“They have asked me to take it down, but I won’t be taking it down,” she said.

“They were great f**ks – they would have good porn careers.

“It was me (who put the clips online) I just thought I’d get a few hundred views. I actually didn’t expect it to go on like it did. 

Carla, who lives in rural Co Cork says she has a fetish for men in uniform and identified a "niche in the market" when she couldn't find any 'Garda porn' online. 

"I'm a very sexual person," she stated, I'm comfortable with my sexuality. As far as I'm concerned I have nothing to hide. I am not doing anything illegal.

Carla also asked the paper to make it clear that she wasn't paid to give an interview.