Undercover gardai to crack down on Picnic’s powder and pills

Undercover gardai to crack down on Picnic’s powder and pills

A senior garda source has announced that undercover officers will be active at the Electric Picnic festival this weekend.

Gardai will be taking a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to any drug use at the event, which is held annually in Stradbally, Co. Laois.

“The activities of drug dealers are being watched across the country in terms of drugs being brought to this event,” said the garda source.

“Local gardai are being helped out by the specialist units who will be working undercover to carry out test purchases in relation to drug transactions.

“While there will be a zero tolerance approach for drug dealing, people should have no fears about seeking medical assistance if anyone becomes ill in relation to taking any substances.

“This is a very well organised event, held every year and gardai will be doing everything that they can to ensure that there are no drug-related fatalities,” the source added.

A number of festival goers in the UK were hospitalised this summer in connection with a dangerous powder, so gardai are also warning revellers about the possibility of dodgy pills and powder which could be potentially lethal.

An app now been compiled to keep festival goes safe and aware of bad drug batches. 

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Posted by Bad Batch on Friday, 4 September 2015

There are expected to be 120 gardai on duty each day from today until Monday at Electric Picnic.