Two women who urinated in front of praying Muslim family spared jail


Two women who urinated in front of a Muslim family praying in the park have been spared jail after the Court of Appeal refused to interfere with their sentences.

Claire Farrell, 36, and Natalie Richardson, 32, were both given six-month suspended terms with a rehabilitation activity requirement at Plymouth Crown Court in November for what a judge described as "disgusting" behaviour.

Farrell and Richardson had both pleaded guilty to religiously aggravated intentional harassment.

On Friday, a panel headed by Lord Justice Davis refused an application by Solicitor General Robert Buckland to find the sentences unduly lenient and replace them with immediate custodial terms.

They said that the sentencing judge may have been merciful but he had a discretion and exercised it in a way which was open to him.

Lord Justice Davis described the "dignity, insight and plain charity" of the Muslim couple's response to the incident and lack of desire for vengeance as "uplifting".

"It perhaps serves only to cast further shame on these particular offenders and indeed on any other person tempted to behave in such a disgustingly offensive way as this."