Two prison officers violently assaulted in unprovoked attack in Mountjoy

Attacik: Prison guards at Mountjoy's landing stock
Attacik: Prison guards at Mountjoy's landing stock

Two prison officers have been hospitalised after being violently assaulted in Mountjoy Prison this morning.

The guards were set upon by two prisoners as they were about to transfer the inmates to different cells. 

They allegedly assaulted the wardens with brush handles in an attack being described as "vicious" and "unprovoked". 

A source told the Irish Mirror: “The two officers were attacked on the A1 landing by two prisoners this morning.

"The officers were clearing the landing to get prisoners from their cells to the place of work. It was a totally unprovoked attack."

The two guards are being treated in the nearby Mater Hospital for facial injuries as well as injuries to their hands. 

The latest attack occurs in light of several other incidents involving both prison guards and inmates. 

On Tuesday, a female nurse was knocked out by notorious prisoner and convicted murderer Jeffrey Dumbrell. 

According to reports, the thug punched the a nurse so hard in the head she lost consciousness and was transferred to hospital with facial injuries. 

A spokesperson for the Irish Prison Service said: "The nurse was in a cell when she was assaulted in an unprovoked attack.

"Prison officers were present but the prisoner got around the staff. The matter is now under investigation."

The nurse is currently being treated for her injuries and Dumbrell has been placed in special isolation. 

The Irish Prison Service said the latest incident is being investigated.