Two of the gang suspected of killing Eddie Hutch warned of threat to their lives

The scene in the aftermath of the shooting of Eddie Hutch
The scene in the aftermath of the shooting of Eddie Hutch

Two of the four-man gang who are suspected of being involved in the murder of Eddie Hutch Snr have been formally notified by gardaí of an imminent threat against their lives.

According to today's Irish Independent, it is understood gardaí were acting on information that the men had been identified and blamed for the murder of Hutch in his home on Poplar Row last eight days ago.

The two under-threat criminals are closely linked to the Kinahan cartel. One of them is suspected of attempting to murder exiled crimelord John Gilligan twice in the space of less than three months, while the other is a chief suspect in the shocking 2006 Baiba Saulite murder case.

Mr Hutch's funeral will be held on Friday in Dublin's north inner city.

Meanwhile the Irish Independent also reports that most of the six-member hit team involved in the Regency Hotel attack - five gunmen and a getaway driver - have been identified from CCTV and other intelligence sources.

While one of the men has been confirmed as a middle-aged republican killer from Northern Ireland, the rest of the gang are all believed to be close associates of Gary Hutch.