Twisted murderer Locke moved to prison with notorious killers

Eric Locke
Eric Locke

TWISTED killer Eric Locke has been moved from Mountjoy to the Midlands Prison, where he joins infamous killers Graham Dwyer and Mark Nash.

The 35-year-old was found guilty last week of murdering his ex-girlfriend Sonia Blount after using a fake Facebook profile to lure her to a city hotel.

Locke strangled mother-of-one Sonia with his hands and the cable of her phone charger, and suffocated her by forcing her t-shirt into the back of her mouth with such force that he broke her teeth.

The 35-year-old, with an address at St John’s Park East in Clondalkin, had pleaded not guilty to her murder, but admitted causing the 31-year-old’s death in a room at the Plaza Hotel in Tallaght on February 16, 2014.

Locke had argued that he was suffering from a mental disorder at the time and that this diminished his responsibility. 

However, a Central Criminal Court jury reached a unanimous verdict of guilty of murder.

Gardaí wanted the DPP to charge Locke with rape as well as murder, but the DPP declined.

As such Locke is not registered as a sex offender, but due to his crime he is expected to be kept on a wing with other criminals convicted of crimes involving a sexual element.