Ligoniel lodges return home after three years - but GARC hurls abuse at priest

'Dee' Fennell led the GARC protest which descended into chaos
'Dee' Fennell led the GARC protest which descended into chaos

The Twaddell protest camp is dismantling after an agreement was reached between Crumlin/Ardoyne Resident's Association (CARA) and the Orange Order, which saw two Orange lodges involved in the dispute return home this morning.

After the lodges had passed the disputed Ardoyne shops however, the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective surrounded and abused local priest Fr Gary Donegan from Holy Cross Church.

The incident happened just minutes after two Orange lodges peacefully passed Ardoyne shops in Belfast, bringing an end to three years of loyalist protesting at Twaddell Avenue which cost £21m to police.

Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC) leader Damien ‘Dee’ Fennell led a group of venomous protesters in a repugnant tirade against local priest Father Donegan.

 Before the dismantling of the Twaddell protest camp began yesterday, Deputy Grand Master of the Orange Lodge of Belfast, Spencer Beattie, said in a statement: “Today the Ligoniel lodges and bands have finally completed their 2013 Twelfth of July parade.

He added: “Later this morning, we will begin the process of removing the camp at Twaddell Avenue.

“However, our longstanding campaign for a transparent, accountable and equitable parading system will continue.”

Loyalist supporters of the lodges remained peaceful throughout. 

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