Turkish military claim to have overthrown government in coup

Turkish military claim to have overthrown government in coup

A group within Turkey's military has attempted to overthrow the government and security forces have been called in to "do what is necessary", Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said on Friday.

"Some people illegally undertook an illegal action outside of the chain of command," Yildirim said in comments broadcast by private channel NTV.

"The government elected by the people remains in charge. This government will only go when the people say so."

Those behind the attempted coup would pay the highest price, he added.

However, a statement from Turkish military claims that they have overthrown Erdogan and taken control of the country. 

In a statement, the Turkish military says the rule of law must remain the priority.

"The power in the country has been seized in its entirety," said the military statement read on NTV television, without giving further details. The military's website was not immediately accessible.

A source from the presidential office has told Reuters that President Erdogan is "safe".

A Turkish Airlines flight from Dublin to Istanbul has landed in Turkey within the past hour.

Some 100,000 Irish people holiday in Turkey every year and there are currently 1,000 Irish living in Turkey.

“Tanks are seen in the streets. There are reports of clashes between the police and the army,” Istanbul-based Dorian Jones told Sky News, adding there were also reports that police guarding the presidential palace had been disarmed.

“I have been speaking to various friends across the city, some are reporting that they are hearing gunfire in the streets.”

There are reports on Turkish state news agency that the country's top general is being 'held hostage' at military HQ.

Footage on local television channels showed military vehicles blocking bridges over the Bosphorus in Istanbul and tanks deployed at the city's main airport.

In the capital Ankara, warplanes and helicopters roared overhead. A Reuters journalist heard gunshots.

A Turkish official who did not want to be named said soldiers had been deployed in other cities in Turkey, but did not specify which ones.

Dogan News Agency reported the national police directorate had summoned all police to duty in Ankara.

All flights from Istanbul's Ataturk airport have been cancelled after tonight's events, according to a Reuters witness citing a pilot at the airport.

Washington-Saudi Foreign Minister says he can't speculate about the events taking place.

Reports of the coup attempt also stoked safehaven bids for U.S. Treasury bonds, paring their earlier losses.

The Turkey lira was last down 5pc at 3.0300 lira per dollar.

"Have you seen the latest headlines on Turkey? That probably has something to do with it. This dollar surge is very much headline-driven," said Vassili Serebriakov, currency strategist at Credit Agricole in New York.