Traveller says she was denied entry to Communion by priest because of her attire

The Traveller woman was denied entry to the mass because of her clothes
The Traveller woman was denied entry to the mass because of her clothes

A Traveller woman has claimed she was denied entry to a First Communion Mass because of her attire.

A video of the incident emerged online at the weekend and it's been viewed almost 15,000 times. 

The incident happened in Ennistymon in County Clare when a parish priest denied a woman entry to the First Communion at the weekend. 

In the video the woman says to the cleric: "The parish priest is after denying us - as Travellers - access into the church on the morning of Holy Communion.

"You’re after making a scene, and embarrassing all the traveller family of Ennistymon this morning that has every bit as much right to come into the church as you have.

"You’re after letting settled women of Ennistymon into that church dressed in a lot shorter clothes than any of us have on us here now Father."

She is then apparently urged to drop the issue but says: "I will do no such thing. I'm not naked, I will do no such thing, why should I? This is the local parish priest of Ennistymon and this is the crap you have to put up with from the local parish priest. 

"Have you anything to say in your defence, Father? I have a right to be in this church like everyone else."

In a statement, the Parish of Ennistymon told

Together with many parishes and similar institutions throughout the world, the Parish of Ennistymon has a dress-code for participants in liturgical celebrations.

"The code is not onerous and is not unduly restrictive. It simply recognises that reasonably modest attire helps create a respectful, generous, joyful atmosphere of worship and prayer in the church, particularly where children are present and involved."