Travel journalist sent to cover Ireland's Atlantic Way has €20,000 worth of gear stolen

The travel journalist had all of his equipment stolen in the Phoenix Park
The travel journalist had all of his equipment stolen in the Phoenix Park

A travel journalist from Germany who was sent to Ireland to cover the Atlantic Way has had around €20,000 worth of equipment stolen in Dublin.

Dirk Keckmann's professional gear was taken when his campervan was broken into in the Phoenix Park in the capital. 

Speaking to TodayFM, the german travel writer says he was sent to Ireland to write a guidebook to promote Ireland as a caravan destination in a trip sponsored by Failte Ireland. 

He has been here for the last month travelling the Wild Atlantic Way, mostly.

However, on Tuesday things took a horrendous turn. 

"I brought my wife back to the airport because she was with me the first two weeks and then I drove back to Phoenix Park to park there because, with a campervan in the city, you can’t find a parking space,” Heckmann told Anton Savage. 

"So I parked there, took my camera and one lens and then walked to the city taking photos; doing research for the book."

However, while they were taking in the park his grey Gymer Sierra Nevada was broken into and several pieces of valuable equipment were stolen, containing all of the images from his trip here to promote Ireland as a travel destination. 

His work from the past 16 days has been stolen along with the following items; An Apple Mac Notebook 17 inch, 2 Lowe photo backpacks, a Manfrotto Tripod 055 Aluminium, Monopod, a Canon Teleconverter 1,4x, 2 Hard Drives from Jobo Giga Vu sonic (500 GB each) and a Drone:  Typhoon Q500. 

"Paper was flowing in the car, all my information that I had picked up on the road. It’s all gone except my clothes, they left my clothes there. It’s not the cheapest stuff as it is all professional stuff, good lenses so it is about €20,000."

The break-in occurred between 5.30pm and 8.30pm on Tuesday evening between the Cricket Grounds and the Sports Grounds in the Park. 

He said he wasn't insured on the equipment as it would have cost him upwards of €400 a month. 

He added the most valuable items were his notebook and his hard drives. 

"The most important thing for me is to get the pictures back from the three weeks."

If you can assist or have any information on this equipment you can contact Today FM at [email protected]