Transport Minister to change M50 speed limits

Transport Minister to change M50 speed limits

Transport Minister Paschal Donohoe is considering implementing variable speed limits on the M50, which could be reduced or increased depending on various factors, such as weather or traffic levels.

Minister Donohoe has admitted he is “frustrated” that commuters are once again stuck in their cars for longer than necessary.

“This is a scale of congestion difficulty that has developed so quickly,” he said.

The Minister said there are plans to change the speed limits on the M50 and he wants to bring in a system to make them adjustable depending on the quantity of traffic, similar to the M25 in the UK.

“People would get notice before they go into an area of what the speed limit will be.

“Then the quantity of traffic on the road is an element in deciding what the speed limit should be.

“The speed limits that we have at the moment are determined purely by what the national speed limits are, which are 50, 80 and 100kph.

“For a small number of roads, most notably the M50, we need to look at a different approach.”

However, motorists in the UK have complained that the limits aren’t being appropriately managed and that “stealth” speed cameras are being set up in variable speed limit areas.

Conor Faughnan from AA Ireland told

 “Variable speed limits work when managed correctly, but it would be a shame if they were used as a cash grab.”

The move comes just five years after a €1bn motorway upgrade on the road.

“We’re in a period of recovery which is delivering very acute congestion,” said Minister Donohoe.

“The traditional answer to something would have been: what we are going to do to make more public transport available – and that’s still part of the answer.”