Tragic Lorcan Rooney-O’Reilly laid to rest

Pic credit (Colin O'Riordan)
Pic credit (Colin O'Riordan)

The funeral was held today for tragic Lorcan Rooney-O’Reilly, who was heartlessly knifed to death on Halloween night.

The 21-year-old was murdered in the early hours of November 1 at the nearby Oliver Bond House complex.

Speaking today at John’s Lane church on Thomas Street, Fr Richie Good quoted Edmund Burke indirectly urging people who knew Lorcan to speak to gardai about what happened that night.

“All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to stay silent,” said Fr Good.

He also quoted the ‘strength through unity’ message used on the posters for Lorcan’s favourite movie ‘V for Vendetta’ and asked that as a community the local parishes should ensure that they are never again back in John’s Lane church on Thomas Street for a young man’s funeral.

“There is something essentially wrong about what happened to Lorcan. There should be no reason for us to be here,” said Fr Goode.

“All we can do is cry, and ask the question why did this happen. The reason it happened was Lorcan was true to his nature. Lorcan was a peacemaker,” he added.

Lorcan was remembered as a young man who would help others, and spend his money on his family rather than himself.

At the end of the mass Lorcan’s aunt told how he had plans to travel abroad as a carpenter or an electrician.

A teenager who is suspected to have been involved in Lorcan’s death has presented himself to gardai who are investigating the case.

Gardai continue to appeal for witnesses to come forward.