Tourists stunned to see couple having sex on Dublin's Boardwalk

The Boardwalk along the River Liffey where the couple's romp was seen
The Boardwalk along the River Liffey where the couple's romp was seen

A group of Dutch tourists were treated to the sight of two people having sex on Dublin's city centre in broad daylight.

The group of nine had been touring Dublin during the afternoon with their Irish host when they spotted two people having sex in broad daylight next to O’Connell Bridge.

“I was so embarrassed, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry,” said Dublin woman Aishling, who recounted the incident to RTÉ Liveline yesterday. 

“The group was just stunned to see what was going on – it was 4pm they had went gone for a run down by Phoenix park and were coming up by O’Connell Bridge when they saw two people just openly having sex on the boardwalk.

“As liberal as the Dutch are with their Red Lights districts in Amsterdam - they at least close the curtains.”

Aishling said what struck the group more than anything was how those nearby reacted to the couple’s behaviour.

“There was a little kiosk selling coffee right next to them and there was dozens of people queuing up to be served. They either couldn’t see what was going on, or they were just ignoring it.”

Aishling went on to echo comments made by host Joe Duffy about Dublin "being an unadulterated kip”, saying that after being away for 15 years, she did not recognise the city.

"Dublin is no longer a place to be proud off. I was just shocked to see how much it has declined – it isn’t somewhere that matches up with the rest of Europe anymore. “It’s just so sad to see your home go like that.”