Top Gear's executive producer and script editor leave BBC

Andy Wilman pictured leaving Clarkson's London home on March 27th
Andy Wilman pictured leaving Clarkson's London home on March 27th

Top Gear’s executive producer Andy Wilman has left the BBC according to a leaked letter obtained by motoring blog Jalopnic.

Wilman is alleged to have cooked up the new format for the show in 2002 while sitting in the pub with his school friend Jeremy Clarkson.

The email, titled Au revoir, reads:

 “At least we left ’em wanting more. And that alone, when you think about it, is quite an achievement for a show that started 13 years ago.

“We had a lot of laughs, we had a lot of tiffs. We went to amazing places and we went to some shitholes. We nearly killed a presenter, we had to run for the border.

"Throughout all this we made television that was beautiful to look at and beautiful to listen to. The work ethic never slipped, the desire for everyone in this dysfunctional family to do right by the show never faltered.

"Jeremy, Richard and James, as the visible tip of the iceberg, got most of the attention and praise, but you all in your own fields had such an immense hand in weaving this unforgettable tapestry."

"For those of you who still rely on it for work, don't worry, because the BBC will make sure the show continues," he writes.

"Our stint as guardians of Top Gear was a good one, but we were only part of the show's history, not the whole of it. Those two words are bigger than us."

Last week Top Gear’s long time script editor Richard Porter announced on Twitter that he would be leaving the show.

He added that the BBC would have to rebuild Top Gear from the ground up if they are hoping to resurrect the series.

Top Gear’s co-presenters James May and Richard Hammond, have both indicated they might also move on from the hugely profitable show.

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