Top 10 expert tips to stay safe online

Top 10 expert tips to stay safe online

With 83% of people using the same password for more than one online account, we have compiled the top 10 expert tips for protecting yourself while on the internet.

1.       Make sure your computer is up to date with all its updates and security protection like Anti-virus, spyware etc.

2.       Use a secure email service like Topmail that can send your information encrypted, so if it’s intercepted it’s of no use to the third parties.  These services will also prevent most Phishing emails making their way to your inbox.

3.       Use strong and differing passwords for all online accounts – a Topmail survey found that 83% of people use the same password for more than one online account.

4.       Do not send any personal or sensitive information (bank details, date of birth, place of birth, passwords) through email if at all possible.

5.       Keep your social media accounts as secure and private as possible – make sure your security settings for each account are kept updated.

6.       Ask third parties you are sending information to how they store and protect your data.

7.       Financial providers will very rarely ask you for this kind of information over email so ring them up, especially if the email is trying to rush or scare you – this is a common tactic used by Phishers.

8.      Because it is difficult to assess the safety of a public Wi-Fi network, users should ideally only connect to Wi-Fi networks that they know and trust.

9.     Use a two-step verification process and always keep files encrypted especially if they are of high importance, that way if they do get hacked they will be unreadable to outside sources.

10.    Finally, think before you click. Links in messages from people you don’t know are most likely to be malicious in nature. Hackers have the ability to create an email which looks like it came directly from your best mate.