Toddler sent to intensive care after swallowing fridge magnets

Ava in intensive care (Image via KBTV)
Ava in intensive care (Image via KBTV)

A toddler spent over two weeks in intensive care fighting back from the harm caused by swallowing fridge magnets.

Two-year-old Ava Kendall 'started clutching her stomach, screaming in pain' for no reason according to mother Lexi, from Houston, Texas.

The concerned mum took her child to a clinic who told her the toddler had a stomach flu but Lexi wasn't convinced and took her to an emergency department.

A scan revealed nine small magnets in her stomach, which turned out to be from a game given to her father by Swedish friends years ago.

The parents kept the magnets at the top of the fridge but somehow the toddler managed to reach up, grab them and swallow them.

The magnets had attracted to each other in Ava's intenstine, ripping it in some places.

A four hour surgery saved her life and prevented a potentially lethal infection.

Lexi advised other parents of toddlers on Facebook to be aware that they can reach places you would never even think of so simply don't keep magnets in the house if you have little children.

 “If you have magnets, get them away. On top of a bookshelf or refrigerator isn’t enough,” she told KTRK. “I don’t want any parent or any other kid to go through what we have gone through,” she told local station KHOU, “because it’s awful.”

After two weeks in intensive care, over Christmas and New Year, Ava has now been moved to a more normal ward while she continues to recover.