Today's front pages today: Tuesday, March 24

The Graham Dwyer trial is coming to a close as the jury deliberates
The Graham Dwyer trial is coming to a close as the jury deliberates

These are the stories taking up the front pages today.

Irish Times: 250 adverse findings in report on hospital; Serious findings against medical staff involved in care of 83 women in midlands. 

Also: Road deaths highest in counties with fewest penalty points. Also: Dwyer trial judge underlines significance of phone evidence. 

Irish Independent: Fast-track courts to take water bills from wages; New system will allow water bills to be automatically deducted from wages and social welfare payments. 

Also: Let shock drift away, jury in Graham Dwyer trial told. Also: Education on rape for children as young as 11. 

Irish Daily Mail: Did Dwyer act on his own fantasies? Judge charges the jury with a simple question. 

Also: Water fees 'may come off wages'. Also: Slash car insurance bill by €1k, survey finds. Also: Free nature magazine. 

Irish Daily Star: Dwyer d-day; Judge says conviction must be for knife murder and that circumstantial evidence is sometimes the best evidence. 

Also: Trauma Garda's €390,000 compensation. Also: Defiant taxi driver attacked by group says he won't be beaten off the road. 

Herald: 'Stabbing key to conviction'; Trial told: 'You must believe Dwyer stabbed Elaine to death for guilty verdict'. 

Also: Rugby heroes party together following triumph. Also: Gardai at scene as squatters stop workers leaving city site. 

Irish Mirror: 'Phones could decide Dwyer verdict'; Judge tells jury murder case hinges on handset evidence.

Also: Jacko girl's love match. Also: Ronan will always be part of my life, says Yvonne. 

Irish Sun: Do not take a flyer with Dwyer; Judge's warning to Elaine jury. 

Also: Win tickets to Ireland versus Poland, and meet UFC star Conor MrGregor. Also: Tough laws for water tax dodgers.