Today's front page news: Wednesday, March 25

Devastation: Mourners of the schoolchildren killed in the Alps plane crash in Haltern am See
Devastation: Mourners of the schoolchildren killed in the Alps plane crash in Haltern am See

These are the stories taking up the front pages today.

Irish Times: 'There are just little pieces of the aircraft'; Witnesses describe impact of crash in treacherous area of Alps 'like a bomb'. 

Also: ERSI issues warning over plans for budget tax cuts. Also: HSE requested department to assist in Hiqa row. 

Irish Examiner: A continent in mourning; 150 people killed in mystery plane crash. 

Also: Dwyer murder trial jury told 'suicide must be considered'. Also: State to fund Crystal staff's €180 million pension deal. 

Irish Independent: 'What do we have to find Dwyer guilty of?'; The first question by jury foreman sent ripple of panic through court. 

Also: Alps air disaster probe as recovery teams locate aircraft's black box. Also: Register with Irish Water by June 30 or lose €100. 

Irish Daily Mail: What went on in those three crucial hours? Graham Dwyer jury retire to consider their verdict. 

Also: Why did they let doomed jet fly? Also: Free nature magazine. 

Irish Daily Star: Horror at 31,000 feet; Two babies and 16 schoolkids among 150 people dead in Alps crash. 

Also: Elaine was 'good candidate' for murder, trial hears. Also: Kenny in hot water after support for Kelly backfires. 

Herald: Wiped out; Alps crash that killed 150 people sounded like an avalanche. 

Also: mini marathon training and diet tips. Also: ESRI says mortgage rules stifle the market. 

Irish Mirror: 8 minutes of terror; 150 dead as budget jet plunges 32,000 feet in Alps. 

Also: Clarkson 'will be sacked by BBC today'. Also: 'Classroom of kids' bullied in Ireland each day. 

Irish Sun: The final hours; What happened to Elaine between 6 and 9pm - Judge. 

Also: 8 minutes of terror as 150 perish in plane plunge. Also: Maloney has sex swap.