Today's front page news: Wednesday, March 11

Annie falls: Ruby's fall at the last in the Mares saved the bookies tens of millions
Annie falls: Ruby's fall at the last in the Mares saved the bookies tens of millions

These are the stories taking up the front page today.

Irish Independent: Sinn Fein in crisis over new IRA sex abuse claim; Burton accused party of orchestrating a crisis in Northern Ireland to distract from allegations. 

Also: 'Lucky with last victim'; Dwyer trial revelation. Also: Top Cheltenham tips from Forristal, Bailey and Condon. Also: Irish make all the running on 'historic' day. 

Irish Times: Drug ruling will impact pending cases, says expert; Decision leads to late Dail sitting as drugs like ecstasy become temporarily legal. 

Also: Sinn Fein seeks all-Ireland sex abuse initiative. Also: FF puts Ahern's former power base on market for €595,000. 

Irish Daily Mail: 'Let's lure an estate agent to her death'; Dwyer trial text conversations in which prostitute Asian lady and drunk girl as suggested potential targets. 

Also: I'm a real whimp, says Pope Francis. Also: HSE says doctor at University Hospital a supporter of Al Qaeda. Also: Cheltenham pullout. 

Irish Daily Star: €65 million fall guy! Ruby falls at last and saves bookies a fortune. 

Also: Elaine: You can kill my sister, she's a bitch. Also: My uncle raped 50 other little kids... two of them are dead as a result. 

Herald: List of victims; Asian mum and Elaine's sister named as targets in text messages sent to O'Hara phone, court told. 

Also: Two kids are plenty, says mum Anna Daly. Also: Cheltenham free €5 bet. Also: Price jump for horse centre once owned by gangster Gilligan. 

Irish Mirror: Chop gear; New shame for Clarkson as he's suspended after punch up with producer. 

Also: Ruby Tuesday at Cheltenham 2015. Also: 'I'm having lots of thoughts about killing you'; Dwyer trial. 

Irish Sun: Power failure; Annie falls at last fence and Ruby saves bookies €100 million. 

Also: Madge on 50 Shades and that fall. Also: Texts read at Dwyer tial.