Today's front page news: Tuesday, March 10

The Graham Dwyer murder trial dominates the front pages yet again
The Graham Dwyer murder trial dominates the front pages yet again

These are the stories taking up the front pages today.

Irish Independent: Jury shown videos of Dwyer stabbing Elaine; Videos on defendant's computer contained videos of him and Elaine during sex. 

Also: Rape survivor speaks out following guilty verdict against her attacker. Also: Husband and wife die of carbon monoxide poisoning. Also: Free €5 bet for Cheltenham. 

Irish Times: Noonan challenge EU stance on small states; Frustration growing about perceived leniency towards France on its deficit. 

Also: Video clips of Dwyer cutting Elaine O'Hara shown to jury. Also: Pressure to change laws on smacking after European ruling. 

Irish Daily Mail: Elaine filmed being stabbed as she had sex; Garda expert says the 'stabbing' video features O'Hara and Dwyer. 

Also: Pensioners found dead in south Dublin house. Also: Cheltenham 2015 pullout. Also: A 12-page 'Good Health' pullout. 

Irish Daily Star: I'm scared; Elaine's text to phone linked to Graham Dwyer. 

Also: Gunners shoot down Red Devils. 16-page Cheltenham pullout. 

Herald: Elaine: I'm scared; Court told of 'secret killer' text messages. 

Also: Elderly couple die in tragedy. Also: Niall Cronin marks your Cheltenham card. Also: Gun victim and brothers accused of beating up gran. 

Irish Daily Mirror: Dwyer 'stabs Elaine during sex on video'; Court told of 35 graphic clips on hard drive at murder accused's home. 

Also: 12-page Cheltenham pullout. Also: Danny Beck to sink United. 

Irish Sun: I'm your secret killer; 'Dwyer' text sent to Elaine O'Hara.

Also: Tips from Templegate for Cheltenham. Also: 'Abortion used to avenge rape', says Bishop.