Today's front page news: Friday, March 27


These are the stories taking up the front pages today.

Irish Independent: Air safety crackdown after killer in cockpit flies 150 to their deaths; Major overhaul of safety underway. 

Also: Trump warns Taoiseach not to sell State's share in Aer Lingus. Also: New look property supplement. Also: Free cinema ticket for every reader. 

Irish Times: Investigators focus on co-pilot's motivation for crashing plane; Inquiry trying to determine whether act was suicide or a suicide attack. 

Also: Drop in public support for same-sex marriage. Also: Fine Gael sizes up TDs from all sides. Also: Co-pilot breathed calmly as he flew flight into the ground. 

Irish Daily Mail: Co-pilot and mass murderer; German who deliberately crashed Airbus had a long history of depression - so why was he let near a plane?

Also: Free guide to Irish habitats. Also: Jurors in Dwyer trial ask to see knives and rucksack.

Irish Daily Star: Blasted to death; First image of latest gangland victim Paul Kavanagh. 

Also: The jilted pilot who killed 150 people. Also: Your number one guide to going out. 

Herald: Gerrard 'Hatchet' Kavangh's nephew shot dead; Father-of-two Paul Kavanagh riddles with bullets in broad daylight. 

Also: 20-page sports pullout. Also: The quiet co-pilot who killed his 150 passengers. 

Irish Mirror: Killer pilot suffered from depression; Flier who deliberately crashed packed jet into Alps had a 'burn-out'. 

Also: Dad-of-two executed in broad daylight in Dublin. Also: David Walliams and Lara divorce. 

Irish Sun: Cockpit maniac; Co-pilot sat calmly as captain battered on the door. 

Also: Zayn says leaving One Direction 'feels right' Also: Free kits for your GAA club.